NoMa is a new project located in the heart of Buenos Aires. It’s a building designed for travelers, entrepeneurs, art lovers and business people.

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    NoMa by Maxi Bagnasco – from Argentina to the world

    Maxi Bagnasco is a renowned Argentine artist. His first publications were in the local newspaper. Maxi was only 9 years old at the time and even won some competitions. All of this served to encourage him to continue pursuing his dreams.

    By the age of 21, Maxi was already creating live cartoons at parties, events, and TV channels. He made countless illustrations for national and international magazines. Years later, his art would cross borders and reach different parts of the world.

    Maxi was the one who created the tallest mural in tribute to Maradona with the family of the soccer star. As usual, his art and presence attracted attention in every country where he painted. He has created murals in Miami, Russia, Kosovo, Italy, where he also painted a mural of Diego Maradona in Pompeii, Naples. “There was so much revolution in the city that the mayor decided to change the name of the street where the mural stands to Via Diego Armando Maradona.” He was also commissioned to paint the plane inspired by the figure of Maradona, “Tango D10S.” He created some iconic Messi´s murals too.


    When we thought about the NoMa proposal, we understood that it should have an important component of creative innovation, so we decided to call one of the Argentine artists who has had the most impact in recent years in urban art.

    We had several back-and-forths before defining the motifs of the murals that bring the hallways of each floor of NoMa Recoleta to life. After several talks, we decided two things: that we were going to pay homage to characters who symbolize some of the attributes that NoMa has as a brand, and that we were going to give Maxi the freedom to create the designs. And so the walls include artists, athletes, pioneers, and other local and international personalities who stood out for their innovation, creativity, and alternative way of thinking.

    This is NoMa, a space where art, technology, urban culture, entrepreneurship, and the world of ideas converge to create a proposal that is out of the ordinary, right in the heart of Buenos Aires.

    To see Maxi’s complete work, you can visit his Instagram account @maxibagnasco.